About the Binational Laboratory

The Binational Laboratory for the Smart Management of Energetic Sustainability and the Technologic Formation is an initiative from the Energy Ministry, the Science and Technology National Council and Tecnologico de Monterrey, in collaboration with many higher education institutions, public and private, national and international, that consists in a platform that generates technology and knowledge around the energy, looking to place Mexico at the level of the most advanced in the fields of training, research, and infrastructure.



Our Mission

Our mission is to contribute meaningfully to the creation of a national science, technology, and education network for the development of sustainable energetic solutions in Mexico.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be the leaders in Mexico and Latin America in a new way of understanding the creation of knowledge and its transference to the resolution of citizen problems based in collaboration, multi-disciplinary tasks, open access, and bonding between university and society.


Our Objectives

The National Laboratory for the Smart Management of Sustainable Energy and the technological formation looks to offer solutions to the sustainable energy challenges that Mexico faces, such as:

  • Developing specialized field talent
  • Developing smart technologies for the energetic chain of value
  • Offering a set of courses based on MOOC technology to cover the training and formation needs in Mexico.
  • Creating a cutting-edge infrastructure, physical and virtual, for the construction of national research networks of scientific and technological investigation
  • Exploring the potential of new educative trends for the generation of innovating solutions, characterized by the participation of citizens and the use of digital technology

Development of highly specialized talent, through the creation of international multi-disciplinary research networks and the development of research projects that this networks define.

Professional training at Master’s degree and specialization by the offer of postgraduate degrees at Tecnologico de Monterrey.

Development of specific competences for professionals of the energetic sector and other sectors of the population through Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC).

Long term support of the development of talent, with a cutting-edge infrastructure, physical and virtual, through which we can create and maintain research networks, research centers, and research projects.

Our Impact

Our plan for the smart management of energetic sustainability and the creation of technology is summarized in a set of actions and devices around the formation of human talent and the creation of the Binational Laboratory.

1.- Highly Specialized Talent:

  • Post Ph.D. students Tec de Monterrey: 5
  • Ph. D. students Tec de Monterrey: 29

2.- Specialized talent in CFE and Tecnologico Nacional: 155 graduate students.

  • 1 generation of 25 graduates from Master in Energetic Engineering
  • 1 generation of 100 graduates from Master in Energy Management and its Renewable Sources
  • 50 graduates from the Masters in Energy Management Certified in the Management of Energy.
  • 2 generations of 15 graduates in the Specialty of Energy Management.

3.- Updated and reconverted talent: 15000 participants through the MOOC courses

Credited and certified talent in MOOC courses of working competences or other international competences of interest for the CFE: 450 (3% of participants in MOOC courses)

  • 3 Decision making theaters for national and international coverage. Nationals in Monterrey, Guadalajara, and Mexico City linked to the Decision Theater in ASU (Arizona State University)
  • 4 Smart-Grids Equipment and adaptation for national coverage: 3 Tecnologico de Monterrey (Monterrey, Guadalajara, Mexico City) 1 Tecnologico Nacional Laguna.
  • 4 micro–factories for experimenting in energetic efficiency strategies at a micro scale with national and international coverage: Monterrey, Guadalajara, Mexico City linked to the MicroFactory at UC Berkeley.
  • 1 Pilot Industrial Plan for experimentation of energetic efficiency strategies at an industrial scale in Mexico City.
  • 4 Virtual Labs with national coverage (Smart grid, Power electronics, electric motors and generators, energy measurement)
  • Integrated Laboratory for sustainable energy usage. (Includes the components of Characterization of fuels, usage of integral biomass, energetic efficiency in the conversion of biomass, biomass integration to the electric grid, energy storage) at Tec de Monterrey and one component of Integral Usage of Biomass for Tecnologico Nacional Culiacan).