The development of countries requires that the administration of services and the use of energy be guaranteed in a sustainable development context. To achieve this, it is necessary to innovate in energy administration, to give preference to the conservation of non-renewable energetic resources and to favor the use of alternative sources of energy.



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The Master’s Degree in Energy and its Renewable Sources has the following objectives:

  • Forming professionals capable of optimizing the usage of energy in the private and public sector.
  • Forming qualified professionals certified for the administration of energy, including the usage of alternative and conventional sources.


The program is aimed to:

  • Graduates from professional degrees, either engineering, architecture or similar bachelors, with responsibility in the planning processes and the administration of energy, and in the development, implementation, and evaluation of energetic administration policies.
  • Professionals with responsibilities in the planning processes and the administration of energy, and in the development, implementation, and evaluation of policies of the energetic administration.



Certified Energy Manager (CEM®)

This master’s degree offers the option of receiving an international certification named: Certified Energy Manager (CEM®) which is given by the Association of Energy Engineers (AEE) from the United States of America. This association is recognized by the US Department of Energy, the Office of Federal Energy Management Programs (FEMP) and the US Agency for International Development, as well as many state offices of energy, corporations, and companies of energy service.


Program imparted by professors with a Ph. D. degree and professional experience who belong to the College of Engineering and Science of Tecnologico de Monterrey.

Leadership in Long Distance Education

Tecnologico de Monterrey is the first institution from Latin America to establish an internet connection. It is a pioneer in Mexico in long distance education since 1989 and leads the “Ranking de Instituciones de Formación Online de Habla Hispana 2015” made by the consulting house Hamilton Global Intelligence.


This program counts with credentials and recognition from national and international institutions such as:

  • Comisión de Universidades de la Asociación de Escuelas and Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS)
  • Tecnológico de Monterrey is accredited by the SACS to grant professional degrees and academic degrees of masters and doctorates. Contact the College Commission at 1866 Southern Lane, Decatur, Georgia 30033-4097, or call (+1) 404-679-4500 (+1) 404-679-4500, for questions about the accreditation.
  • Official validity recognition of the Secretariat of Public Education of Mexico (SEP). Recognition by the World Bank, Organization of American States.
  • Interinstitutional Committees for the Evaluation of Higher Education (CIEES) that have classified the online graduate programs of the Tecnológico de Monterrey at its highest level.


This postgraduate degree is offered online, which allows the student to decide the time and place for studying, easing the academic advance and achieving to keep a balance with the labor and family activities.

Educational Model

It promotes active participation from the student in its professional and personal formation through individual and collaborative learning. This model also allows the student to build its own knowledge with the guide of expert professors in the field and in teaching.

The online courses of this program have been designed using didactic techniques under real and practical approaches, which are presented through educational technologies that offer multiple resources for learning.

Cutting-Edge Technology

The courses are designed on the Blackboard platform, which may be accessed through the students’ portal or through the mobile app. This allows the student to use their mobile device as a complement to make a query or course activities.

Multicultural educative experience.

This program allows the interaction with professors and peers located in different geographical regions who work in the private, public, academic, or social field. We currently have more than 23, 000 graduated students in 36 countries.

Specialized Attention

Specialists that walk the student through their learning. Head professor, Tutor professor, Academic advisor, and User Service Center.

Digital Library

A collection of more than 90 thousand books and 53 thousand periodicals.


Access to communication networks, collaboration, and learning among students, teachers, and specialists from different parts of the world and associations of graduates.

Conference Cycles

Opportunity for the student to listen and interact with speakers from multiple industries, achieving with this an added value to your education.




A graduate from the Master’s Degree in Administration of Energy and its Renewable Sources from Tecnológico de Monterrey will be able to:

  • Solve optimization problems with the usage of energy.
  • Innovate in planning and administration of energy.
  • Evaluate alternatives for the usage of renewable sources of energy.
  • Generate strategic plans of energy that assure a sustainable development.


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