With the opening of the energetic sector, Mexico faces the challenge of taking advantage of the opportunities that will come up with this renewed industry. The Energetic Reform is transforming the sector and pushing for a need of new businesses and energy professionals, aligning the country with the trends of the global energetic field.


The Ministry of Energy foresees an investment on the Mexican energetic sector of 50 billion dollars and estimates that from 2015 to 2018 at least 135 thousand energy experts will be required. From those, 20% have a degree or postgraduate studies. In the short term, every productive chain of energy will require training and raising of specialized human resources. This is why; the challenge is to be able to provide competent human capital qualified according to international standards, and to generate an educational offering strongly linked to the productive field so to establish mechanisms to allow human capital to push for innovation, productivity, and competitiveness in the energetic sector.

With this in mind, EGADE Business School from Tecnológico de Monterrey has created the Specialization in Energetic Management, a program designed to foster a quick and successful adaptation to this new environment that allows participants to face daily challenges that will come up from the investment and development of the sector in accordance to the mission of the school of developing leaders with an entrepreneurial spirit and internationally competitive.

The Specialization in Energetic Management from the EGADE Business School is a program aimed at professionals from the energetic sector and those businesses dependent of the energy sector, which combines some elements from the energetic engineering with the aptitudes, leadership competences, and business management. Through this program attendants will study the new regulations of the energetic industry in Mexico, as well as the strategic spaces to start new businesses in both the public and private sector, national and international. Besides, it focuses on the development of business models supported on energetic engineering.


Are you interested? Check all the information here:  http://maestriasydiplomadostec.mx/posgrados/especialidad-en-administracion-energetica