Research Networks

Development of binational, multidisciplinary, and inter-institutional research networks that increase the development of scientific and technological research in key aspects to move forward the efficient use of energy, promoting the growth and competitiveness of the country. In its initial stage, experienced researchers relevant in the different elements of the energetic sustainability from the participating institutions will form it. These networks will try to integrate new participants from public and private institutions to share common objectives established for these networks.

Network 1: Models of Intelligent Decisions for the Management of Energetic Sustainability.

  • Technological platform for decision-making.
    Researchers Tecnológico de Monterrey – IIE – ASU

  • Interconnection of the Electric Systems of Mexico and USA by HVDC direct current lines.
    Researchers Tecnológico de Monterrey – IIE – ASU

  • Changes in the Energy Markets in Mexico and evolution of the markets of energy in the United States, lessons and opportunities.
    Researchers Tecnológico de Monterrey – IIE – ASU


Network 2:Mathematical and Knowledge Models, optimization, simulation, and visualization.

  • Bioenergy in Mexico – Integral System for Mapping Possible Routes for Energetic Advantage.
    Researchers: Tecnológico de Monterrey – UCB
  • Modelos matemáticos para la optimización y la eficiencia energética.
    Researchers: Tecnológico de Monterrey – ASU

Network 3:Smart Technology for the chain of value of energy.

  • Advanced technologies to allow a high penetration of renewable resources in distribution systems and micro networks.
    Researchers: Tecnológico de Monterrey-ASU
  • Retos tecnológicos de integrar la generación de energías renovable a la red de México.
    Researchers:Tecnológico de Monterrey – UCB.
  • Reestructuración del mercado, eficiencia e integración de energías renovables al sector eléctrico en México.
    Researchers:Tecnológico de Monterrey – UCB

Network 4: Educational Technology for MOOC Red Openergy

  • Educational Technology for MOOC, educational innovation with technology for formation in energetic sustainability (including innovator elements of gamification, virtual and augmented reality, biometrics).
    Researchers: Tec de Monterrey – UCB – ASU- USAL
  • Open Innovation; interdisciplinary and collaborative (open education movement, discovery tools in repositories, social innovation labs with Openergylab).
    Researchers: Tecnológico de Monterrey- UCB-USAL