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The energy open-innovation lab corresponds to the projects in advanced technologies that allow a high penetration of renewable resources in distribution systems and micro networks and in micro factories and pilot industrial plants.


Laboratory description

It is an open space for technological innovation in all the electric process: generation, transmission, distribution, and consumption. In this laboratory we perform research activities and training of human talent specialized in design and evaluation of devices connected to the electric grid.
The infrastructure of the laboratory allows for analysis and evaluation of electric and/or electronic devices isolated from the electric grid under normal or abnormal conditions of controlled scenarios circumstances that may cause loss of energy and faults I the distribution network. Allowing for the study, design and validation of technologies that derive in products with a high added value.
This laboratory was built by the subprojects “Advanced technologies to allow a higher penetration of renewable resources in distribution systems and micro-networks” and the project “Development of infrastructure using micro-factories and a pilot industrial plant in support of research and education of energetic efficiency.”
Currently, this laboratory is developing distributed generation systems that may work in isolated mode as energy backup systems in far communities and support centers in case of a disaster.

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This laboratory is capable of achieving the technological cycle related to technology transference, from the theoretical proposal to computing validation, and electric pre-certification. Joining the research labor with the technological development.
Additionally, the laboratory may undertake prototype and finished products evaluations before submitting them to an exam to obtain a certification in accordance to the following norms:
• Caracterización de paneles fotovoltaicos de hasta 15KW. (IEC 60904) (IEC 61727) (EN 50530) (Sandia National Laboratories Photovoltaic Systems)
• Caracterización de generadores eólicos hasta 15KW. (IEC 61400)
• Caracterización de bancos de baterías hasta 12KW. (IEC 896-2)
                •  Charger Tests. (IEC 62093)
                •  Battery Tests. (IEC 60086-1) (ANSI C18.1)
                •  Fuel cells Tests. (IEC 62282)
• Converters Tests
                •  DC-AC. ( UL 1741) (EN 50530) (IEC 62093) (SANDIA)
                •  DC-DC. (UL 1741)  (EN 50530) (IEC 62093)
                •  AC-DC. (UL 1741)  (IEC 62093)
                •  Illumination Control Modules. (UL 1741)(IEC 62560)(IEC 62031)(IEC 61347)
                •  Fuse boxes. (UL 1741) (IEC 62093)

• Charging points for vehicles (EVSE) (IEC 62196) (IEC 61851) (IEC 61980)

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Researchers and designers focused in electronic equipment for the distribution and consumption of energy, postgraduate students and bachelor students with an advisor whose project is related to distribution and consumption of energy.
Companies that are looking for a pre-certification or training in this areas of opportunities in the electric field.

For further information, please contact: Dr. Pedro Ponce at